The company |LISA 公司 | Technological innovations

LISA Airplanes has been investing since its creation in Research and Development, convinced that the fruit of this work is a guarantee of success and long life for the company.

Aerodynamics, mechanics, hydrodynamics or electronics, armed with these skills our high level engineers are following a beaten path.

Dreams and an ambitious vision of aviation are always the starting points for our R&D work. Our engineers enjoy meeting challenges and proposing unexpected solutions to these challenging missions required by our vision.

Once our innovations are protected by international patent, the rigorous scientific investigations of our engineers may begin: theoretical calculation, calculations on finished elements, similarity tests using models, test flights, stages which are reiterated until arrival at a solution for serial production. And over and above the project in question our R&D engineers have the aim of providing knowledge that can be re-used on other airplanes.

The headline example of this process is the SEAFOILS innovation, airplanes adapted hydrofoils located under the fuselage. Protected by two major patents it was the subject of four years of R&D, giving LISA Airplanes unique know-how in the seaplane industry: the design of hydrofoils ensures efficient take off and landing on water, and impressive performance in flight.