Know-how |独特的工艺 | Quality

The quality process within LISA Airplanes is lead by our mindset; developing airplanes that suggest new lifestyles.

For our clients to adopt new lifestyles their confidence in LISA Airplanes' products must be complete. We take this to mean resistance, durability and perfection of detail. The audacity of our amphibious airplanes is not in contradiction with these ideas. We equate ourselves to one of the great chefs. The quality of the dish is appreciated due to the excellence of the ingredients, the unity of the recipe and, finally, the whole, tasted by the chef.

Our method is similar. Each component of our light aircraft is produced by reputable businesses in the aviation industry that we have rigorously selected. Only proven materials and high tech are used. At our site in Savoy – France - we assemble all these elements, test everything on the ground and of course make all the necessary airplane flights tests before delivery. Just like goldsmiths our eye for details leads us to tailor the customization within our workshop perspectives.