The Multi-Access Revolution |革新 - Multi-Access多途径起降 | Astonishing performance

The smart design, the clean aesthetics and the unprecedented versatility make the AKOYA an extraordinary amphibious airplane. From either ground, water or snow, this light sport aircraft can reach 135 knots (250km/h), and takes its passengers up to 1000 miles away (1600km) with a 36 MPG fuel consumption (12.5L/h ; 3.3 gal/h). After a pleasant and quick flight, the AKOYA lands on less than 650-feet (200-meter) and fold its wing to be parked in a garage.

To reach this performance without compromise, LISA Airplanes has designed an exclusive innovation in the aviation industry which allows landing on multiple surfaces. The Multi-Access™ technology is a unique combination of two hydrofoils, a retractable landing gear equipped with skis and folding wings.