AKOYA's talents |点对点飞行 | Infinite ideas for travel

Each trip becomes a unique experience.
Unexpected destinations are accessible with this stunning amphibious airplane: wild creeks, private airstrips, golf courses, Scandinavian fjords, snow-covered plains, heavenly lagoons, white sandy beaches, ski resorts, majestic rivers and ice-packs...

Thanks to its performance and versatility, the AKOYA does not simply take you to magical places; it allows you to travel in a real circuit, going from one place to another without needing reconfiguration. For longer journeys the airplane can be sheltered; thanks to its folding wings it takes up less space than expected. Our LSA seaplane's great speed and low fuel consumption take away the need for long and fastidious searches for refueling spots in out of the way places.

Your desires guide the journey and your independence is intact.