AKOYA's talents |点对点飞行 | Save time and speed

The AKOYA starts your "pleasure trip" at your front door and ends it at your final destination... this new way of thinking about travel can completely change your idea of speed.

High speed trains, jet liners, private jets all offer just one thing: speed. Neither pleasure nor travel time are taken into account. This means of transport only operate on major routes. You always have to go to them via car parks, stations, airports, jetties... and to do that you will have experienced with pleasure the flash of the speed camera, the traffic jam and the game of spot the free parking space, the excellent exercise involved in carrying heavy suitcases, the relaxation provided by the long queue and security checks and of course don't forget the main attraction of wildcat strikes.

And now, if you're ready to forget the 800km/h (500mph) of commercial airliners, the 400km/h (250mph) of the high speed trains and you have a real look at the TRAVEL TIME and your COMFORT what will you get?

For journeys between the provinces in Europe of 500kms (310 miles) as the crow flies you should expect 6 hours and up to 12 hours of travel should you be accessing difficult areas (ski resorts, islands, the back of beyond) With an AKOYA only 2 and a half hours is needed !

If speed is still a priority: take a commercial airliner, but ask them to fly at 2000km/h (1300 mph) to catch up with the AKOYA!