Comfort and pleasure |舒适与乐趣 | A real feeling of well-being

The AKOYA offers, to every pilot and passenger, men and women, a welcoming atmosphere on board. Behind this aesthetic image are hidden other aspects of comfort and sensation:

- The curve of the seats of the upscale airplane has been worked using all the talent of the creators and engineers of our Design Studio to be coherent with the elegance of the aircraft.
- From a jockey measuring 4'11" (1.5m) to 6'6" (2.00m) tall basketball player measuring the adjustments of the rudder pedals and seat back allow you to be comfortably seated and in optimum conditions for piloting.
- The whole of the seating equipment, tilted backwards, supports the entire body. This position reduces fatigue on long journeys and in particular during turbulence.
- The lines of the seat back change as they move upwards, ensuring stability for the pelvis and lumbar region but freedom around the shoulders allowing upper body movement. This freedom of movement contributes to relaxation. The final touch is the soft head rest, which will support the head and nape of the neck.
- 30% larger than traditional airplanes: the possibility of changing position is fundamental to comfort on long journeys
- All the controls are naturally placed at your fingertips. The double flight controls allow, from training periods onwards and on long journeys, to share the pleasure of piloting the plane with your passenger.
- The panoramic tinted canopy, which guarantees wide visibility without overheating the cockpit.
- The ventilation, heating and demisting system for the canopy is the must-have addition for your total comfort and permanent visibility.